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The secret is in the weights

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Did you know that the trend for the last couple of years has been “strong is the new sexy”?

Some of the old fads had you doing cardio for hour upon hour, and I am not saying that cardio is not important, it is! But what will get you shifting the bulge and help you get the results that you want in the quickest time, is lifting heavy.

I plan my sessions around a weights routine for my clients. You can do these in 30 minutes and more importantly get better results, quicker.

Exercises which use the whole body are called 'compound movements', the body is designed to work as a whole, so I get my clients to train that way.

My top picks are;

1. The Squat

This classic compound movement trains everything, but the hips and core especially. Squats can be completed using a barbell and you can start to train yourself doing these by sitting onto and off of a bench, and make sure your friend spots you.

Aim for 1 x body weight (athletes 1.5 x bodyweight)

2. The Deadlift

This is great for back strength and if done correctly creates amazing glutes (bums!) But please be careful if done incorrectly it can cause a strain in the lower back.

Aim for 1.5 x body weight (athletes 2x bodyweight)

3. Pull ups (wide grip hand face away from you) or Chin ups (narrow grip hands face towards you)

My secret weapon to create great arms, backs and abs! Yes you heard correctly if you want nice abs these are your ticket! If – like many people – you can’t yet do a pull up, get a training buddy to give you a push, or jump up to the bar. Make sure you squeeze your chest all the way to the top, you will be amazed how quickly you’re able to do it by yourself.

Aim for 5 pull ups in a row (athletes 10reps)

The best rep and sets;

5-8reps x 3-5 sets for exercises such as the Deadlift, squat and pull up.

10-12reps x 3-4 sets for secondary exercises such as hip extensions (bridges), push ups, leg press etc. This way you get your metabolism adaptations and you also get neural adaptations. And don’t worry you will not get “stacked” only full-time lifters that eat 1,000s and 1,000s of calories a day do.

The exercises should be performed at 80-90% of your maximum so you can recover well enough to walk up the stairs at work the next day!

Follow my advice and you will decrease body fat % and increase body muscle % = smaller body measurements and dress sizes (but perhaps more weight on the scales).

And if you are still stuck with diet or exercise, come and see me at Rad Fitness. Good luck #StrengthbyLucy

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